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Potestivo & Associates Recognized with the ALFN Member Service Award at the ALFN Answers Confere

Austin, TX – Michael J. Woods, Assistant Vice President-Managing Attorney, spoke at this years ALFN Answers Conference in Austin, Texas. The four day event hosted many prominent figures and speakers from the industry regarding the American Legal & Financial Network.

Mike spoke on dealing and communicating with borrowers on an everyday basis, while addressing the best practices for both mortgage servicers and attorneys who communicate with borrowers who are in foreclosure. His particular speech was recognized with high regard at the conference, and Potestivo & Associates P.C. was presented with the ALFN Member Service Award.

Congratulations to Mike for his achievement in speaking and his continued success in the industry, and Potestivo & Associates will continue to remain prominent in the American Legal & Financial Netwrok.

Michael J. Woods joined Potestivo & Associates, P.C. in 2006, and is the Supervising Attorney of the Foreclosure and Loss Mitigation Departments. He assists in a variety of matters, including: reinstatement quotes, redemption calculations, deeds in lieu of foreclosure, affidavits of abandonment, waivers of redemption, and quitclaim deeds. Michael has learned that superior results can be effectively achieved through direct communication with our clients and their borrowers, helping to reduce the costs associated with the foreclosure and loss mitigation processes for both parties.

For over twenty-seven years, Potestivo & Associates, P.C., has been providing superior legal solutions to the real estate finance and credit industry. Headquartered in downtown Rochester, Michigan, the firm also maintains full-service operations in Rochester, Michigan, and Chicago, Illinois, with satellite offices providing select services in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and St. Louis, Missouri.

Potestivo & Associates, P.C.’s attorneys are accomplished, highly-experienced, legal practitioners who vigorously represent and advocate for our clients. The firm has composed a strong legal team covering all areas of practice. Our talented team of professionals provides our clients with confidence that their matters are guarded and handled with the utmost importance and legal accuracy.

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