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Attorney Jillian Murphy Volunteers at Illinois Youth & Government Organization

Washington, D.C. – Jillian Murphy, Associate Attorney, St. Louis office, volunteered her time with the Illinois Youth & Government Organization this past weekend. She assisted with the program’s student attorneys for a delegation in the Metro East. The program is designed for high school students and gives them an opportunity to work as legislators, press, lobbyists, or attorneys. The group meets throughout the school year, and every March the organization takes over both the Capital and Supreme Court buildings to hold legislative sessions with youth senators and representatives. There are over 1,000 kids that participate in the program, and the legislators argue the bills that they have been working on all year long during their weekend with them. The Judicial program that Jillian dedicates her time to working with has grown exponentially over the last year which has allowed her to be involved with even more learning opportunities with new students. During the time spent with the students leading up to the big weekend, she helped the students write appellate briefs and supported them while they argued their cases. It was a great experience for Jillian and our future leaders!

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